As I took a stroll in the countryside, I couldn’t help but gaze at the beautiful plantations and small forests that spread across the large pieces of land in the countryside. The beautiful late afternoon sun lingered across my skin leaving a warm and very sensual feeling. All I could think about is what I’ve heard throughout my lifetime of how one chance, one opportunity or basically one of this and one of that can change your life or a particular situation for good. I decided to sit on the blossoming green grass with thoughts racing on my mind of what the concept of “ONE” really meant. The countryside has a wide range of vegetation and all that I could notice is that for each species to grow, all you needed is one seed or one of each species to generate the entire plantation. This created a wide range of thoughts in my mind on what really “ONE” could do to change a particular situation or circumstance. As I watched the sun set, my mind was set on coming up with what the concept of “ONE” could really do to someone or something. My walk back home was composed of ideas and thoughts that I could not wait to write down on my laptop. So, here are some of the things I came up with on the concept of “ONE”


One idea can build an empire

One mistake can cost a life

One matchstick can burn down a forest

One decision can tear down a dynasty

One voice can silence all the doubts

One seed can start a jungle

One moment can make the difference

One embrace can console the oppressed

One word can destroy  a life time

One dream can change the future

One pen can write a whole book

One glance can communicate a message

One step starts the journey

One tear can wipe away the frustration

One hug can bring back hope

One rainbow can cool down the brewing storm

One star can brighten a dark night

One spark can ignite a fire


By Eva Mwangi

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