via Daily Prompt: Survive

We go through life trying to find ways to stay afloat in the ever flaky and turbulent boat of the sea of life because we have no choice but to remain firm. Life will always throw stones at you but rather than break as they are being cast, be as tough as a diamond and do not let anybody or any situation break you down. Deep inside very person is the natural instinct to keep surviving by finding ways of overcoming all the hurdles you meet along the way. The journey is not easy but the destination is surely worth it. As you traverse through the pain and anguish, do not let the loaded gun stop you from pursuing your dreams because until the trigger is let go, the bullet is not harmful to you. Seek to always be covered in titanium because there are many people who are ready to let the bullet kill you on the spot. The arrows been prepared to pierce your hope, faith and optimism are many but your sheer determination to avoid them shields you from potential danger. Keep dreaming but always look up to see because you might miss out on what could be the greatest thing in your life just because it might be a little hard. You deserve good things because you are an awesome person and no one should tell you otherwise.

Keep fighting for your place on this earth because one definitely exists for you.

By Eva Mwangi.

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