As I sat in class listening to the lecturer, I couldn’t help but think about the word “SOMETIMES”. This word is commonly used to refer to events that occur occasionally rather than regularly. All I could think about is if this word meant that some problems didn’t require solutions and that each challenge or set back does not require to be overcome. As the lecture came to an end, all my mind was stuck on was this word. It kept lingering on my mind like a “catchy” song lyric. As I walked out of the lecture room towards the gate, all I kept thinking about is if there were some issues that occur that should just be left alone instead of trying to fix them. By the time I was walking out of the gate towards my house, my thoughts were definitely on only one thing. What are the things that should just take place “SOMETIMES” without causing any harm to an individual. When I got to the house, I just sat down with my laptop thinking about writing a small piece based on the concept of “SOMETIMES”. In my few years in this earth, I’ve learnt that not every problem requires a solution, not every question deserves an answer and not every event needs to happen. So, here are some of my thoughts on the concept of “SOMETIMES”

Sometimes you have to remember that…

Not every fire needs to be cooled,

Not every ice block needs to be melted,

Not every gloomy day requires sunshine,

Not every tear deserves to be wiped away,

Not every storm requires a rainbow,

Not every arrow needs to be thrown,

Not every shield needs to be put up,

Not every  matchstick needs to be lighted,

Not every candle should be burning,

Not every hand has to be held,

Not every voice has to be heard,

Not every rain drop requires an umbrella,

Not every fall requires a parachute,

Not every illness requires medicine,

And not every mistake requires rectification.

Sometimes, all you need is to learn the lessons from the past pains, experiences and anguish for a better day because life is a never-ending cycle.

`                                                                      By Eva Mwangi

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