I remember this one sunny afternoon I was having a stroll in campus because the trees always provided a cool environment and I overheard a group of students in the parking lot talking about life challenges, peer pressure among many other things. Other than their really expensively clad clothes, there was this one student you could clearly tell was not from a very affluent family like the rest given that he was the only one not dangling car keys and by the look of things was among “the route 11” guys like myself. What caught my attention is what the “rich kids” were telling their fellow student. They kept telling him that he will never move from “grass to grace” because he was not well-connected and also his family did not really have rich powerful people to help him get to the next level. This really got me irritated and pissed off because their sentiments and comments were totally uncalled for. I mean, not everybody who is in the “big leagues” was born there. Most people had to work really hard for years so that they could not only “break the glass ceiling but actually shatter it”. As I walked away, my mind was stuck on the things we are told we can not do because of this or that as you grow up.  The truth is that, no one really knows what the future holds. Who told the “rich kids” that 5 years from now they will still be enjoying their parent’s money? Don’t they know that money is a “visitor” and one should take care of it? Money is exhaustible and can end at any time? Anyway, this issue got me thinking about “Who Said” and this is what my angry version of me came up with;


The Weak cannot be Stong

The Beautiful cannot be Ugly

The shy cannot be Confident

The Fearful cannot be Courageous


The foolish cannot be Clever

The Poor cannot be Rich

The voiceless will never be heard

The Crazy cannot be Sane,


The Powerful cannot become Powerless

The Meek cannot be Arrogant

The Loyal cannot be Disloyal

The Primitive cannot become Cultured


The Evil cannot become Good

The Oppressors cannot become the Oppressed

The Deceitful cannot become Honest

The lazy cannot become hardworking



“Don’t Live In The Prison Of Opinions That People Will Make For You.”

“Also, Be Willing To Go Alone Sometimes Because Not Everyone Who Started With You Will Finish With You And That Is Okay.”

BY Eva Mwangi.

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