Brian at this point was almost entering into the room filled with potential investors and he was so nervous that the file he was carrying was shaking. The board room had been set up and all he needed to do now was put in his flash and start the presentation. He walked into the room and gave a doubtful “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen?” which was responded with a much awaited “Good afternoon to you to.” The investors seemed to be very anxious and ecstatic about the presentation because Kevin was among the best finance investors in the business in the country. While they waited for a “world domination” kind of presentation, Kevin was more concerned with just having something meaningful to say because he had no idea on what he was planning to say. He decided to go with his gut and use the experience he had accumulated over the years to lure the potential investors.

He managed to do a shabby presentation that still held up a lot of facts and a bit of humour because of the awkward statements he intercepted with during the speech. The investors seemed to love what he was saying and started engaging him with questions. Long story short, he aced his presentation and his job was secure. After bidding the investors farewell, his mind went back to the morning event of Sophie and Brian. He was still not sure of how he was going to handle the matter but decided to do it on Sunday after Sophie’s return from her “business trip.” This would give him the chance to cool off a bit and also spend quality time with Imani. He knew that relaxing with Imani would help him clear his thoughts and make up his mind on whether his marriage was worth fighting for or it was time for him and Sophie to throw in the towel and call it quits…

Sophie had a great time at the meeting and the rest of the day she spent glaring at her career achievement and settling into her new position. On Monday she was going to be officially introduced as the new marketing manager and expected to assume her role immediately. In the late afternoon, all she could think about was Brian and his ever charming words. Brian had texted her to get her confirmation on their next encounter. However, at the back of Sophie’s mind was the feeling that it may be about time that she made up her mind on whether to stay married to Kevin or leave him for someone else. They had both been through a lot together and she did not think it will be wise to end their marriage when they were past the yard line. She was considering on raising a topic on the status of their marriage with Kevin after her weekend gateway. Sunday was definitely the day she would confront Kevin on how he felt about their current marriage stalemate. She dreaded this topic because she knew it would end up ugly. Kevin also knew Sunday was going to be a day he will never forget because putting Sophie on the spotlight on her cheating would clearly not end up well. They both had the same agenda but neither of them new what method they would use in the delivery.Anyway…


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