Kevin looked across the messy kitchen but his eyes were focused on only one thing, the tears cascading down his wife’s round and “dimply” cheeks. Feelings of guilt ran through his mind and all he could ask was how did things go this wrong? He was holding a knife but his body was totally shaking because of the rage and shame he was feeling for what he had done. Sophie on the other hand stood at the opposite corner and all you could hear were murmurs as she wept uncontrollably. Her face could show that she was hurting on the inside and all she needed was some peace of mind. The kitchen was covered with broken plates, cups, litter and squashed tomatoes. Anybody looking at this could tell that the fight that had been there was a crude one. The two just stared at each other with no one uttering a single word. After five years of marriage, what went wrong? Whose fault is it? Can we mend this broken home? Is the love still there? All these questions were going through Kevin’s and Sophie’s mind.


Watch Out for Part II

2 Replies to “LOVE TWISTS PART I”

  1. however, kevin dropped the knife. got to sophie and hugged her tight, he assured her everything shall be okay. kevin decided to take the lead in the relationship as a man. Sophie automatically became submisssive and they lived a better life ever since

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    1. That’s not even close to how it eventually unfolds. Also leadership and submission have nothing to do with their predicament over time

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