So it all started one Friday morning when Sophie was in the shower and Kevin was lying in bed waiting for her to finish so that he can go in and also take a shower. A text came in on Sophie’s phone from a guy called Brian. Sophie had accidentally disabled her password on Thursday night as she tried to make some changes on the phone settings. Due to this, Kevin could easily access her phone without putting in any effort. Like it is commonly said, “curiosity killed the cat” Kevin could not help but wonder who this Brian was and why was he texting his wife that early in the morning. The need to want to know overcame his sense of restraint and he found himself reading the text sent to Sophie’s phone. Brian had not just wished Sophie a good morning but had gone on to write a lot of sweet nothings to Sophie. Kevin went in deeper and deeper into their conversations and the betrayal and hurt he felt could not even be expressed. It was evident that Brian and Sophie had been going out for at least a couple of months. Brian was even mentioning the “escapade” they planned on having that weekend and how he looked forward to it and he could not wait to see and have his “African queen” in his arms. This information really messed up Kevin’s morning but he decided not to act on it at that moment. Meanwhile, Sophie was just walking out of the bathroom into the bedroom when Kevin hurriedly put back the phone.

He watched her walk up to him with her body glistened in water droplets and the fresh scent of perfumed soap. Her towel was lightly clasping her curvaceous body and he could not help but think that another man was enjoying what should be exclusively his. Sophie gave him a peck on the cheek which he accepted as he walked to the bathroom though all he felt like doing was pushing her away. If Sophie was paying attention she could have noticed the stain of disgust on Kevin’s face. Thoughts of jealousy and rage were beginning to take toll on Kevin but he did not want to have a fight in the morning before they left for work. When he got in the shower, Sophie started applying lotion on her soft and silky skin. As she did this, her mind was lost on last week’s “business trip” with Brian. She remembered the way he held her closely against his well-built body as he showered her with soft kisses across her neck and back. She also thought of how his strong fingers lingered gracefully against her skin and men oh men his “million dollar smile.” She couldn’t help but picture his well sculptured arms, a six-pack abdomen, his chisel shaped face and most importantly his God-given “asset.” The thought of Brian in his birthday suit just drove her totally crazy. She couldn’t help but wait for tonight when she will have the chance to be near him and have him all to herself. Her entire outfit was picked out totally with the intention of ensuring Brian will have the best night of his life. Her fantasy was however interrupted when she heard the bathroom door open…

Watch out for PART III

2 Replies to “LOVE TWISTS PART II”

    1. Yep. You have to build it so that readers can look forward to it and log into the blog to see how the story ends up


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