Sometimes I sit down and stare into the blank walls in my room and wonder, will I ever experience true love??? Does it even exist??? Is it even possible???

Have you ever met someone who completely threw you off your game?

Someone who just in a single moment takes your breath away?

Someone who makes you question every choice you’ve ever made in life?

Someone who turns your nightmares to day dreams?

Someone who would envy the wind that ripples through your clothes?

Someone who cushions your every fall?

Someone who turns your scars to smiles?

Someone who mends any part of you that is broken?

Someone who heals your aching heart?

Someone who in just a glance melts all your troubles?

Someone who sees potential in all your flaws?

Someone who would lay down their life for you?

Someone who would cross the seven seas for you?

Someone who would fight for you no matter what?

Someone who would polish your weaknesses to strengths?

Someone who would treasure you like a diamond?

Someone who would stand by you like a pyramid?

Someone who would marvel at your character like the wonders of the world?

Someone who would reorganize your life like an earthquake?

Someone who would stir up your world like a tornado?

Someone who would envy their own baby suckling your breasts?

Someone who would make you their spotlight?

Someone who would make you believe that the sun can shine in the moon light?

Someone who would bring heaven right to your door step?

Someone who would ignite your soul with unending fire?

Someone who would cover your stormy days with rainbows?

Someone who would walk through hell just to see joy in your eyes?

Someone who would change all their colors just to fit you like a glove?

Someone who sparks life in you?

Someone who would leap across walls just to get a glimpse of you?

Someone whose heart beats the rhythm of your name?

Someone who would go at war with the world just to be with you?

Someone who would run through the rain just to stop you from leaving them?

Someone who would turn your loins on fire by just looking at you?

Someone who would be jealous of rain falling on your skin?

Someone who would walk on lava just to save you from burning?

Someone who will see the darkness of your soul and still think you are worth fighting for?

Someone who would see your body as an art and not a mere pleasure tool?

Someone who would confront the devil just to see you free again?

Someone who would swim with the sharks just to turn your dreams into reality?

Someone who would write your name in every page just to make a whole book about you?

Someone who would be jealous to see you happy without them?


There is always a tiny piece of the sun inside your partner and if you can’t see it, then you’ve never really looked into their eyes.

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi

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    1. Thanks so much beautiful. I truly appreciate the feedback. Thank you for also taking the time to read the long post.


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