Kevin arrived at the hotel but was held up at the reception desk because according to them the reservation made by Imani did not include his name. This made him very perplexed given that Imani had used his debit card to reserve the room. The receptionist advised him to call Imani so that she could confirm if indeed he was to accompany her in the room. They called up the room and after a few seconds Imani picked up the phone and confirmed that indeed Kevin was to meet her there. The walk to the elevator seemed liked a thousand miles for Kevin who was really struggling to keep his cool and his lustful desires from the other hotel guests. Finally, he got into the elevator but for some reason time seemed to be moving slower than usual. The ride was taking longer and all the other people on the elevator to seemed restless. After stopping on the first floor to drop a guest, they continued with their journey upwards. A few floors before getting to his intended destination, they heard a huge bang and all of a sudden the lift came to a stand still.

Panic was on everyone’s face because everyone seemed frightened and scared of what would happen next. To make it worse, there was no phone signal in the lift. The day-dream had now turned into a nightmare and Kevin was definitely having one of the worst nights of his life. He had spent the whole day dreaming about his erotic encounter with Imani and just minutes before he could fulfill his fantasies fate seemed to be working against him. Nobody around seemed to know what do next and all they did is stare at each other like a foreigner visiting a country for the first time. There was a mix of nationalities in the elevator which created a confusion on how to respond to the predicament. A Kenyan by the name Martin seemed to be the most informed as he tried to offer solutions on what they ought to do. A french lady by the name Adrienne suggested that they use the emergency phone on the elevator to call for help. Everyone seemed to be agreement so an American by the name Lloyd offered to make the call on behalf of the group.

The small space was beginning to get really hot as the air circulation was dwindling as time passed by. People started sweating and the scent was getting funky by the second. Lloyd made the call but it took like 30 minutes before someone responded on the other side. They asked what the problem was and Lloyd relayed that eight people were stuck in the elevator and the oxygen levels were dropping really fast. The staff on the other side told him that she will send someone soon to rescue the group. In the meanwhile, a lady by the name Tamara had gone into panic mode and she was hitting the doors as she screamed hysterically. This made everyone puzzled as no one seemed to know how to calm her down. Martin the genius walked nearer to her and tried to hold her hand, in shock, she hit him with a fist and he started to nose bleed. An already pathetic situation was getting worse as minutes passed. Kevin at this point remembered that he was a member of Red Cross back in campus and he decided to put some of his first aid skills into action. He helped Martin control the bleeding and after a few minutes he was better. Adrienne who was a psychologists sort to put her professional skills to action.

She called Tamara’s name and asked her to come closer to her. She embraced her gently then whispered some soothing words into her ears. Tamara seemed to be getting calmer as she unclenched her hands from a fist and fell into a slight slumber. Adrienne’s magic was definitely working. Gert, a German national, seemed more interested in learning how the elevator works as he tried to figure out how he could break everyone free from this ridiculous situation. He could be seen touching the entire framework and to be lost in thought. No one was really comprehending what he was doing. Kevin at this point was almost losing it. How could such a great day end up in so much chaos. Was it a way of destiny telling him that his actions would lead to his destruction? Was it just a coincidence or was karma finally catching up with him?His thoughts were wondering all over the galaxy. He was wondering if Imani would by this point be so mad at him that she might have gone to sleep or even left. The answers were definitely on the other side of the door and all he could do now was be patient and wait like the rest to be rescued…

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