The day seemed gloomy but for some reason I woke up with a bubble of joy around me. The sorrow I had felt when I went to bed last night was no longer there. All that I could see and feel was the beautiful light bursting through the glass window. The day break definitely wiped away the darkness that the previous night had left in my heart. The funny thing about life is that we take things too seriously yet after a good night’s sleep it all seems like vanity. When you walk through life carrying every hurt and anger you’ve experienced over time, you will never get the chance to experience freedom. Letting go is an art that many unfortunately don’t know how to emulate. The moon has two sides, the dark side and the bright side. Human beings have the same thing to. What a person needs to decide is which side will they let rule their lives despite the setbacks. You are a star and you should never let anyone or any situation take that from you. There is enough room in the sky for everyone to soar high so be proud of your shine. You have no idea the kind of power you possess in you.



Even the birds that soar high always come back to the ground to rest and hunt.

The people who build you up are also the same people who will tear you down.

You have the right to desire what you want. Its your life.

By Eva Mwangi


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