Brian on the other hand was fascinated by the visible laugh lines on Sophie’s face. He could not help but wonder what those folds hid away from the world. He could tell that deep inside there was a cheerful woman who was waiting to be unleashed because the sadness in her eyes told a story that Brian was ready to listen and hopefully wipe away the frustrations and despair that Sophie had clearly been carrying on for a while. Her innocent face had definitely seen bad days and Brian was determined to become Sophie’s muse any way he can. He felt a sense of sadness engulf his heart because he could not understand what tragedy would make such a beautiful woman lead a double life.Brian could tell that Sophie was fighting demons that only she knew about because during the day she was a hero but at night she was the helpless victim crying herself to sleep. He looked forward to getting to understand the silence behind the doubts, the scars beneath the smiles and most importantly, the woman who had captured his heart. And just like that, another love story was born…

From the day Kevin met Imani, everything that always seemed so important, seemed to lose meaning. This explains how his marriage had gotten to the state it was. Imani was a woman of many colors and like a chameleon she could easily adapt to any changes thrown at her. Her ability to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders with such grace and elegance is one of the things that hooked Kevin to her. No matter what Kevin told her, she was always at ease, cool, relaxed and level-headed. This made Kevin turn Imani into his confidant creating a larger rift between him and Sophie. He no longer consulted her for anything but instead asked Imani for any advice he might have wanted. The lack of communication between Sophie and Brian drove Sophie insane which lured her into the arms of another man. Brian always paid attention to Sophie. He asked for her opinion, he took time away from work to spend quality time with her, he complimented her, he showered her with gifts and he always treated her like the queen she was. He recognized that the young girl who was once a princess and always dreamt of what she wanted to do in future was now a grown woman who is a queen that wanted to finally live her dreams and desires.

Brian had made it his life mission to do everything within his power to put a smile on Sophie’s face for as long as they were together. From the day Sophie met Brian, her life changed for the better. The always sad, grumbly and irritable woman became polite, happy and was always beaming of optimism and laughter.The dark shadow that her engulfed her life was now overpowered by light that could no longer be kept hidden. The spotlight was now on Sophie and her shine was beginning to blind Kevin. She no longer cared what Kevin thought of her because Brian had renewed in her the self-confidence that she had lost over the years by hiding behind the curtains instead of taking the stage and showcasing to the world who she was. She had spent so many years locked behind closed doors that she did not give the world a chance to see who she truly was.

Watch out for part 9

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