Sophie was in a cloud of happiness of  her own given that she was finally getting closer towards not only reaching but shattering the glass ceiling in her professional career. As she prepared to leave the office and meet Brian, her mind could not help wonder on how Brian might receive the news or what present he might actually give her. Though she was on an all time high of excitement, the thought of confronting Kevin on the status of their marriage was weighing her down. This made her to start thinking of how she actually started dating Brian in the first place. On one of her business trips, she was seated alone in the restaurant section having dinner when a well-dressed man approached her and asked if he can share the table with her. Sophie was reluctant at first but thought “Why not?” “what would be the harm?” so she allowed the guy to seat. Brian had wanted to talk to Sophie since he had first laid eyes on her on the beach but for some weird reason he could not master the courage to talk to her. So, when Sophie finally accepted to let him share a table with her, he was definitely not going to let this opportunity pass him by.

Sophie was wearing a chiffon dress that was partially see through. Her cleavage could definitely be seen and her nipples could be seen to be peeping through her dress. Her beautiful brown eyes could be seen to be fixed on Brian’s face and he could not help but wonder what was the story behind this stunning human being. Her lips were glimmering in the dim lighting and her smile was just reassuring and very warm. Sophie had a soft voice that just melted Brian’s heartaches away with just a simple “hey to you to.” Her heart rate was calm as her chest could be seen to rise and fall in  a rhythm that only Brian could play to. Sophie was also mesmerized by this good-looking guy who for some reason brought out the little girl in her. She had for a long time learnt to keep the little girl in her in the closet because circumstances had pushed her to.

For the first time in a long time, she felt safe enough to take off the mask she had been wearing for several years now. Brian had one of those soothing and sexy voices that made anything he said sound incredible. He had kind eyes that made her feel like she was walking on the moon and floating in space. For a few moments, she was lost in a bubble of shattered dreams and desires.He was very well-built which awakened lustful desires in Sophie something that Kevin had not been able to do to her in years. She fought to not feel this kind of emotions but her heart was winning the war while her mind was terribly losing the battle. She knew she should not encourage any kind of sexual desires but the thought of Brian’s hands on her body seemed to be stuck in her head like a catchy song lyric…

Watch out for part 8

Copyrights © 2017 Eva Mwangi

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