After work, Brian was just focused on his hook up with Imani and his facial expression could tell anyone that he was very excited to leave the office and go home. He had already had a very tough day and all he wanted as he left the office was a bit of relaxation and a calm atmosphere. Imani would definitely help  him with this because in more ways than one she had become his serenity for about three years now. Kevin could not help but wonder why destiny deemed it fit that he met Imani in his life time. He remembered the first time they met at a parking lot when he was going into the office and she was leaving. She was wearing an official skirt suit which was short and had pleat edgings. Her 6-inch heels made her longs look angel like given that she had very beautiful thighs which were elevated by her slender waist and ample hip ratio. The vision of her just blew Kevin out of the water and for a moment he was lost in a trance of forbidden desires. She was a bit shy but seemed to know what she wanted in life because she exuded a certain kind of self-esteem that could be seen to reflect on her persona. He had parked next to her and for some reason he felt the urge to know her name and somehow associate with her. He managed to finally get some guts and say hello and also ask her name. Her voice brought peace and tranquility in Kevin something he had never felt before even from his wife Sophie. This made him want to know her more so he engaged her in simple conversation just to get to know who she was.

They talked for a few minutes before Imani’s phone rang and she answered it telling the person on the other end that she was on her way back. This was Kevin’s cue to end the hold up and possibly ask for her phone number if he wanted to see her again. The interesting bit was that Imani did not seem to be in such a rush to leave but rather was also quite interested in chatting a little bit longer with Kevin. His deep baritone voice commanded authority and respect and his soulful eyes created a sense of safety and sincere care which made Imani feel at peace with Kevin. He also had a very beautiful smile which would make any sane girl think twice about ignoring him. He also smelt nice something that Imani had come to appreciate over the years. Kevin had a demeanor that projected confidence, respect and a sense of purpose. This is one of the reasons Imani had decided to actually take the time to hear what he wanted he say. Imani was lost in a world of her own where she saw Kevin as her prince charming who had finally come to save her, the damsel in distress. Her fantasy was however interrupted by Kevin who was asking her for her phone number. She was not sure whether she should give the handsome stranger her personal number but her instincts seemed to push her to do it against her better judgement. She decided to give Kevin her phone number and so the fairy tale began…

Watch out for part 7

2 Replies to “LOVE TWISTS PART 6”

  1. This is a great story..and I’m hooked.
    Can’t wait for part 7


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