I looked forward and all I could remember were the good old times I had with her when she was still alive.  As the priest continued to give the sermon, all I could ask myself was why did she have to go. I had a million thoughts on what “DEATH” really meant and what it brought. My thoughts were however interrupted when I heard the priest invite someone to give a vote of thanks on the entire service on behalf of the church. As the coffin was being carried out, sadness could definitely be felt lingering in the atmosphere and the silence was just too much to bear. As I walked out of the church, all I could think about was what could really be compared to “DEATH”? I could not come up with anything because the pain and agony I was feeling was clouding not just my thoughts but also my view of life. During the final session, when the coffin was being lowered onto the ground, I could feel tears of sorrow coming down my face and all of a sudden I had a clue of what really “DEATH” could be compared to.  A few months later, after dealing with the grief, I sat down with my lap top and put down all the chain of thoughts I had had on what “DEATH” could be compared to. All I know is that once “DEATH” comes, it can never be replaced and no one can run away from it. So, here are some of my thoughts on what “DEATH” can be related


Death is …

The storm without the rainbow

The earthquake that sinks everything without any mercy

The wave that destroys life without regret

The sun that burns vegetation into non-existence

The truth that can never be concealed

The grey cloud that can’t be turned into a blue sky

The fear that has no hope

The summer without the sun

The dream with a nightmare

The tide that  reefs but doesn’t leave behind seashells

The music that lingers but never echoes on sweet melodies

The darkness without the glimmer of light

The dawn without the sunrise

The fantasy without the daydream

The fact that cannot be swept under the rag

The event that can never be ignored

The season that must pass


Copyrights © 2017 Eva Mwangi

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