She rushed to get fully dressed because she did not want to get into any kind of “action” with Kevin that morning. On the other hand, Kevin was just looking forward to leaving the house and going to work so that he can have time to process the events that had occurred that morning. He was absent-minded and could barely focus on anything. He had gone into this dark, depressing and sad state which led him to lash out on anyone who tried to talk to him that day. To make matters worse, he had to do a presentation for potential investors that afternoon.

To get his mind off his wife’s philandering ways, he chose to think about Imani, his “side piece”, who was a young campus “fresha”. He couldn’t help but think of her hour-glass figure and chocolate skin that was as soft as a baby’s butt. She had the body of a professional video vixen with contours that could tell a lot of stories to the point of even developing a television series. Her ample bosom always called onto him and her sweet tender lips were no match for candy. All Kevin could think about is how tonight he would get a chance to take off one layer of clothing at a time from this “African goddess.” She always had a sweet melodious voice that always calmed Kevin whenever he was having a bad day. Her big beautiful eyes always beamed sunshine into Kevin’s heavy heart making him forget all his troubles. Imani was a queen when it came to all bedroom affairs so Kevin was always excited when he knew he was going to see her. Imani was the rainbow in Kevin’s storm and she never failed to play her expected role.

Kevin was drowned in the sea of fantasy with Imani for several hours that he did not notice when his assistant walked in. She tried to call his name several times but the vision of Imani’s beautiful body covered in baby oil from head to toe seemed much more interesting. He imagined her in laced lingerie dancing for him before the big “finale.” He was in such a trance that he started calling out her name while breathing very heavily. The scene was getting too awkward for his assistant so she tapped his shoulder to try to wake him up from a day-dream that may end up becoming a night mare if his colleagues heard or saw what he was doing. Kevin however was so aroused by Imani in his mind that he began to undress his trouser slowly while reaching out for his “God-given birth rite” as a man. It was not until Christine his assistant poured a glass of water on him that he snapped back to reality. He was incredibly embarrassed of his actions and he apologized continuously to Christine for his actions. It was during his countless apologies that Christine informed him that she had come in to inform him that it was time for him to go and give his presentation to the potential investors.

This piece of news right here wrecked him so much because he had spent the whole morning dreaming of how Imani would rock his world that he had forgotten about the investor presentation. This could lead to him losing his job and consequently his costly side piece…

Watch out for Part IV

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