Ever Imagined Spending Your Weekend in A Place Where…

You Turn Your Face to The Sun and The Shadows Fall Behind You,

You Can Look Through Low Lights at Silhouettes,

You’re Jealous of The Rain That Falls on Your Skin,

The Moon Is the Reflection of Your Joy,

And the Moonlight Is the Twinkle of Your Home,

You’re Jealous of The Wind That Ripples Through Your Clothes,

You Are Not Weary to Test the Theory of Star Dust,

You Can Watch the Stars and Catch Them,

They Will Turn to Dust Within Your Palms,

Imagine of A Place Where You Can Fall into This Completely!

If you want to experience a little bit of magic and wonder, then plan to spend your night at Glamour Suite which is a 3 bedroom all ensuite 1.5km from Nanyuki town next to Nanyuki Golf Course.

After A Long Day of Golf, You Can Get Attuned with Nature’s Sacred Rythms.

After A Tedious Day of Hiking in Mt. Kenya, Be Like Water and Float in Times of Pain and Dance Like Waves Along the Wind.

After A Day at The Ngare Ndare Springs, Be Soft and Cool Like Water to Adjust to Your Home Away from Home.

After a glorious day of game watching at Olpajeta and Oljogi Conservancy, channel the magical essence of nature and let your heart be open like the morning sun.

Glamour Suites Are Hard and Attractive Like A Diamond,

 They Do Not Play with Your Emotions,

They Offer Them Stability.

Because Unlike Many Other Places,

 Glamour Suites Are Not A Drop in The Ocean,

 They Are an Entire Ocean in A Drop.


Travelling… Leaves You Speechless, Then Turns You into A Storyteller.

Copyrights © 2021 Eva Mwangi

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